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48hrs in the Hub – Meet Canada’s Disruptors! April 25, 2017

Published by Rachele Ryan | 2017-04-12 16:42:38

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Introducing Canada’s Most Promising Startups to Boston


The Consulate General of Canada in Boston and the Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England (CENE) will host their annual showcase of top Canadian technologies at 48hrs in the Hub on April 25, 2017 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  More than 20 fast-growing companies from across Canada will pitch to the local tech and life sciences community. The crowd will then judge the companies and the winners will be in announced in the following categories: Coolest Technology, Most Engaging Presentation, and Most Likely to Receive Investment.

Follow the hashtag #48HrsintheHub to learn more about these great companies, Canadian innovation, and the upcoming event.

Learn more about the presenting Canadian companies:


BioIntelligence Technologies provides intelligent monitoring instruments to accelerate bioprocess development and maximize production profitability through real-time analysis and prediction over time of both biologic variables and financial indicators.

Bliq Photonics

Bliq Photonics offers microscopes with a better resolution and is less expensive than its competitors.

bonsai BETA

We are a toothbrush for eyecare. Dry eye, occurs when these glands become clogged, and if left untreated these glands can die…and that’s where we come in.


Cliniconex integrates into EMRs and fully automates patient outreach using voice, text and email.  This solution improves provider productivity and efficiency and offers providers a tool to reach their patients with timely and customizable messaging before and after their appointment.

Comnet Technologie

beenote® is a web solution to help you better plan, execute and follow up on your meetings so projects stays on track. Change your world one meeting at a time with beenote®.


Contendo is Industry inspired and demanded online training solutions. We came from the worksite, we build online solutions that match the needs of real industry.

Covina Biomedical

At Covina Biomedical, we produce injectable biomaterials for minimally invasive procedures for hard tissue repair.

Ecmictics Biotechnology Inc. 

Ecmictics Biotechnology Inc.’s device can identify the majority of currently unknown microbes as well as known microbes at an unprecedented speed and sensitivity. Applicable in clinical diagnosing, food and environment protection.

Hemmings House

The Hemmings House ‘evox marketplace’ is an e-commerce platform that supports a community who are hungry for inspirational and empowering film content. We are building a Content, Commerce and Community model that is helping triple bottom line businesses grow by selling more of their product to a community. The Hemmings House ‘evox marketplace’ is disrupting e-commerce as well as the television broadcast model.

Hyasynth Bio

Hyasynth Bio is producing cannabinoids in their pure form using a scalable method to enable a collection of pharmaceuticals to be developed by targeting the endocannabinoid system.


As with Lego blocks, our platform offers 6 different types of building blocks to express an idea. Players can build their ideas using Text, Videos, Photos, Hyperlinks, Voice and Documents tiles. This unique and patent pending approach opens new and powerful combination possibilities unseen in the current market.


IntelliSports Inc. improves athletes by using data created by new sports hardware and combining it with best in class analytics in a fun competitive atmosphere. Whether in the gym, the ring, the field, the baseball diamond or the hockey rink, IntelliSports generates new data and analytics that players of all levels will use. Our proprietary algorithm changes the dynamics of analytics. The data then allows the player to focus on certain elements of training leveraging social media and gaming to maximize the fun and reach.

OPA Technologies 

OPA Technologies Inc. developed a mobile and Cloud application designed specifically to optimize the integrated management of urban infrastructure projects for a smart urban mobility. OPA better plans and coordinates public investments in infrastructure and monitors the progress of projects integrating over twenty different managers of technical urban networks.


Pathcore aims to transform cancer diagnostics into an automated, predictable and cost effective process and improve patient outcomes. By using digital whole slide imaging and leveraging the power of algorithm-based image analysis, we provide pathologists with powerful solutions that improve efficiency, productivity and accuracy of cancer diagnostics.


Pulse delivers real time data analytics, patient reported outcomes and data visualization for healthcare stakeholders. These capabilities service an increasing need to maximize the value of information in order to advance knowledge, improve medical outcomes and produce real world evidence. Pulse’s approach is unique and provides precise information focused on enabling collaborative research and value based care. To date, Pulse has provided solutions which support advances in treatment of cancer, rare diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. In fact, Pulse supports over 24 different disease registries and patient specific outcome measures.


The only device that can detect and confirm the presence of suspicious powder and liquid in the mail.


Riipen is an experiential learning platform solution that connects top post-secondary students and recent graduates to employers through open challenges and in-class faculty-supervised industry projects. Students gain validated industry experience and incentives, organizations leverage student talent recruitment and cost-effective labor, and institutions increase experiential learning and in-class industry engagement for their students.


We manufacture ultra-low cost, high quality, machine based learning driven, sensor solutions in the food, health and water sectors – for industry and every day consumers.  Our chip grating cost $1 compared to our competitors for whom chip grating costs over $1000 at comparable quality. We don’t just provide a piece of hardware, we build a complete software system interfaced with the hardware that allows your system to build intelligence the more it is used.  Expensive sensor systems that were typically available to use in labs, we now make them available for companies and everyday individuals alike – operated off of existing platforms such as smartphones and tablets.


Smartpods is an innovative and interactive desk empowering employees to better manage their health and prevent injuries while working at computers.


StackAdapt’s omnichannel advertising platform helps brands accelerate customer acquisition.

Think Tank Innovations Ltd.

Think Tank has a vision to build an ethical and efficient healthcare community, and we’ve started with the ShareSmart app available for all smartphones. ShareSmart currently has over 3,200 users and the product renders your smartphone device in to a state-of-the-art, secure, encrypted clinical chat and photo-sharing tool that exceeds privacy, utility and legislative considerations of any other in-market solution.



48hrs in the Hub is a condensed version of the CTA@Boston’s 5-month acceleration program. The Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston (CTA@Boston) was awarded the International Business Innovation Association’s (InBIA) 2016 Accelerator Program of the Year Award. If you wish to connect with one of these companies, or for more connections with Canada, contact one of our Trade Commissioners.

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