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DISRUPTOR ON DISPLAY: Cogmation Robotics

Published by Sara Phillips | 2017-12-06 13:48:08

Found in: AcceleratorCTA@BostonRoboticsTechnology 

In a world of advancing technology it has become increasingly more important for students around the world to earn degrees in computer science and engineering. While it’s well-known that generating interest at younger learning ages has been a challenge, Cogmation Robotics has successfully engaged more students and educators in robotics studies with its state-of-the-art robotics software technology.

Established in 2005, Cogmation Robotics develops simulation software that enables users to design & control robotics systems. This cutting-edge software overcomes many barriers that are associated with using real robots in the classroom; such as the high price and limited availability of robotics hardware.

Developed in partnership with Lego, Cogmation’s Virtual Robotics Toolkit, brings kids into a three-dimensional virtual environment where they can test-drive robots and learn how to make them work within a video game context. Cogmation’s virtual robots are inexpensive and every student can have their own, which allows far more students, teachers and competitors to participate in this exciting learning experience!

Cogmation Robotics brings practical applications to educators, consumers, and programmers around the world and is currently in residence at the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston (CTA@Boston) as part of the Accelerator’s fall cohort. Interested in connecting with Cogmation? Contact CTA@Boston Trade Commissioner Erin Donahue for more information.

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