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Published by Sara Phillips | 2017-11-27 09:07:03

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Brainstorming in large groups can be very difficult. It’s even harder when participants are in different locations. Montreal-based company, Ideation6 makes it easy to develop, enrich and combine ideas with its intuitive technology that’s accessible from anywhere in the world.

Launched in 2015, Ideation6 is a unique, collaborative and user-friendly idea generation platform. Its team-based construction offers organizations the possibility to implicate their employees and stakeholders efficiently in problem resolution and identification of new opportunities. Ideation6 promotes co-creation in the firm, so all actors can build solutions together.

Ideation6 is the only platform where participants can collectively play with and prioritize ideas in a competitive game context. Its enrichment and evaluation of ideas in real time engages employees, optimizes processes, increases efficiency and drives company growth. This cutting-edge technology renews team energy and gets ideas flowing!

Let the brainstorming begin! Ideation6 is currently in residence at the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston (CTA@Boston) as part of the Accelerator’s fall cohort. Interested in connecting with Ideation6? Contact CTA@Boston Coordinator Susan Ahern for more information.

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