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Published by Sara Phillips | 2017-12-14 09:41:22

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Are you a medical researcher looking for a robust image analysis? Quebec-based company, Imeka, is the first company to offer real state-of-the-art diffusion MRI processing to the academic research and pharmacological development research markets.

Founded in 2011, Imeka was created to help researchers get the most out of their medical images. The company has developed a robust pipeline that allows the processing of large amounts of data with a 100% quality control coverage, with the best diffusion imaging algorithms in the field.

Imeka’s innovation comes from years of research in imaging: DTI, HARDI, Fiber Tractography and Preclinical cardiac analysis including automated heart segmentation. This cutting-edge technology takes your medical research to the next level through great quantitative image analysis.

Imeka was showcased in February 2014’s National Geographic issue on the brain and is currently in residence at the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston (CTA@Boston) as part of the Accelerator’s fall cohort. Interested in connecting with Imeka? Contact CTA@Boston Coordinator Susan Ahern for more information.


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