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Published by Sara Phillips | 2017-10-23 10:09:13

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In over 40 countries and in 15 languages, employers are using TalentClick’s predictive-analytics HR platform to hire and train better employees. Save time and money with TalentClick’s cutting-edge technology!

TalentClick Inc. is a global software-as-a-service company that first uses innovative machine learning to benchmark top performers and then provides behavioral assessments to predict which job applicants have a higher risk of employee absenteeism, turnover, theft, fraud, violence, harassment, injuries, fatalities, property damage, work stoppages/downtime, and more.  TalentClick’s proprietary behavioral assessments such as personality tests to ensure job fit, and values and integrity tests to ensure culture fit are helping leaders create happier, safer, and more productive workforces.

TalentClick is the leading company in North America to provide workforce assessment tools designed and validated specifically for frontline employees operating in industrial work environments. Are you looking to achieve workplace excellence? TalentClick can take you there!

TalentClick is currently in residence at the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston (CTA@Boston) as part of the Accelerator’s fall cohort. On November 1, company CEO and Co-Founder Greg Ford will participate in the Canadian tech pitch session, Meet the Disruptors, in downtown Boston. Interested in seeing TalentClick there? Contact CTA@Boston Coordinator Susan Ahern for more information.

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