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Fast Runners in the Hub: November 16-17, Boston & Cambridge, MA

Published by Rachele Ryan | 2016-11-10 13:31:37

Transforming Canadian Startups into Global Companies


Next week, 10 innovative growth-stage companies from across Canada are coming to the Boston/Cambridge area to participate in the second annual Fast Runners in the Hub event. CEOs and other executives from selected fast-growing Canadian companies in the IT, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, emerging food technologies and cleantech sectors will receive strategic advice across a range of functional areas and also access to high-level local contacts. These companies will also have the opportunity to access the Canadian Mentoring Service, the CTA@Boston’s extensive mentor network comprised of over 80 accomplished Canadian C-level executives, investors, and entrepreneurs that reside in New England.

The Fast Runners in the Hub event is part of a longer-term program called Fast Runners, which aids Canadian companies accelerate their growth, international expansion, market penetration, and ultimately revenues.

Learn more about our participating Fast Runners this year:

Calgary Scientific

Calgary Scientific Inc. provides innovative solutions that empower workers by facilitating collaborative and secure access to applications from any web or mobile device. The company’s solutions enable better outcomes in healthcare, secure, mobile access to oil and gas software, and allows remote access to design files.


Clearfit has built a one of a kind, self-serve platform that provides objective insights and predictive data to build outstanding teams and productive organizations. Through Clearfit’s solutions, clients can understand their people, gain actionable insights, and make better decisions.

CM Labs Simulations

For over 15 years, CM Labs Simulations Inc. has been delivering virtual environments that promote crew preparedness, efficiency, and safety, with proven experience ranging from deep-sea to space projects. Through simulation, the company helps to augment skills and to reduce the risks of complex operations. In addition to its turnkey Vortex equipment simulators, CM Labs provides Vortex, its simulation software platform, as well as end-to-end services for developing custom equipment dynamics simulation software.


FISO is a leading developer and manufacturer of fiber optic sensors and signal conditioners used in various medical, energy, process control and R&D applications. The products are designed to give accurate and reliable readings of parameters such as temperature or pressure in the most challenging of environments.


Hexoskin is the world leader in smart clothing for health monitoring. Hexoskin smart shirts are used by space and defense agencies, sports scientists, and thousands of health professionals and health researchers all over the world. The Hexoskin connected platform provides a new, convenient way to understand human health in real-life environments.


Localize is the only Local shelf label program in North America. Localize’s powerful database and application contain geographical and socially relevant information that is valuable for grocers and vital to shoppers looking for information at the shelf-edge. The company transforms how grocers label, promote, and source local and specialty food products, resulting in better business for grocers, exposure for food producers, and empowered shoppers.


MappedIn helps its customers manage their dynamic indoor spaces, enabling consumers to find what they are looking for. The company provides comprehensive search solutions, allowing customers to locate products by store, by brand, and by product and promotion (including real-time, contextually relevant information on sales and events). The company also provides simple navigation that is adaptive and responsive, with turn-by-turn directions.

Questor Technology

Questor is a world leader in providing solutions powered by clean combustion. The company manufactures and services high efficiency waste gas incinerator systems, provides combustion and burner-related oilfield services as well as power generation systems. In addition to providing effective and compliant combustion technology, the use of Questor incinerators ensures community support and social license to operate.

Spring Loaded Technology

Spring Loaded’s revolutionary knee braces do more than just stabilize or correct alignment of the knee. Its bionic knee braces enhance leg muscle power by storing energy as users bend their knees and returning that energy as users straighten their legs. The result is the world’s only compact and powerful bionic knee brace capable of lifting a person’s body weight while boosting strength and performance. Although Spring Loaded uses only mechanical springs (rather than batteries and motors), the company’s braces can exert similar forces to those found in robotic exoskeleton suits.

TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture

TruLeaf is leading a new evolution in plant science that improves predictability in agriculture. The company’s Smart Plant Systems® leverage multi-level farming technology to create efficient, controlled indoor farms that can be located anywhere from the heart of an urban centre to remote locations or harsh climate areas, where growing would otherwise not be possible. TruLeaf provides a predictable, year-round supply of fresh, high-nutrient plants for retailers, functional food producers, pharma and health product manufacturers.

The Fast Runners in the Hub event will take place Wednesday and Thursday, November 16 and 17 in both Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts at the Cambridge Innovation Center and at the Consulate General of Canada in Boston. If you wish to connect with one of these companies, connect with one of our Trade Commissioners.

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