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Mentor Spotlight: Kellie Watson

Published by Liam Orme | 2017-01-09 14:15:24

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Head of Licensing, Corporate Development, LabCorp

Kellie has more than 14 years of corporate development, strategy and technology evaluation experience in the biotechnology/life sciences sector.  She joined LabCorp in 2010 as part of the acquisition of Genzyme Genetics.  Kellie is on the steering committee for The Biomarker Factory, a joint venture between Duke Medical Strategies and LabCorp, and is a member of LabCorp’s Venture Group.  Prior to Genzyme, Kellie held senior executive and business development positions at Epitome Biosystems, Thrasos Therapeutics, Pyrosequencing Inc., and Feinstein Kean Healthcare.


Learn more about Kellie here.

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