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Mentor Spotlight: Matthew Blieske

Published by Liam Orme | 2016-12-12 10:21:29

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Head of Systems Engineering, Shell TechWorks

Expert in energy industries
Matthew leads a staff of experienced engineers and business leaders from outside the oil and gas industry, employing a start-up culture and paradigm shift in the world’s largest oil and gas company.  Shell TechWorks develops novel technical capabilities and revolutionary changes in performance and functionality to Shell, enabling the energy transition.  Prior to working at Shell he was co-inventor of a novel hydraulically actuated isothermal CAES energy storage system at a Boston-area startup, General Compression, and helped to develop a business and technical strategy for integrating high-capacity storage plants to the grid.  At Southwest Research Institute, Matthew analyzed and optimized energy systems ranging from gas turbine gensets to concentrating solar power systems.

Connect with Matthew here.

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