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Interested in partnering with the CTA@Boston?


Learn about corporate partnership opportunities, engaging as a community partner, becoming a member of the Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England and the Canadian Mentoring Service, and more.


CTA@Boston Corporate Partnership Benefits:
• We can introduce you to the most innovative Canadian technologies – from across Canada, right here in Boston.
• Stay ahead of the technology curve – extend your R & D efforts through partnerships with our companies.
• Identify opportunities to invest in innovative technologies, create strategic alliances, and access to “out-of-the box” thinking.
• Improve your international brand awareness.
• Be seen as a global innovation partner.
• Collaborate with the Consulate General of Canada in Boston and meet with our Canadian VIPs.


If you are interested in partnership opportunities with the CTA@Boston, contact us.

Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England (CENE)

Canadian Entrepreneurs in New England (CENE)

CENE members leverage their collective experience, expertise and relationships to help mentor and grow Canadian technology and healthcare companies participating in the CTA@Boston and other acceleration programs run in partnership with the Consulate General of Canada in Boston.  The non-profit organization is member-driven and dedicated to supporting Canadian entrepreneurship in New England.  It comprises a select group of Canadians based primarily in the US, including executives of leading technology and life sciences companies, experienced serial entrepreneurs and venture capital and angel investors.



Canadian Mentoring Service

In 2014, the Consulate General of Canada in Boston and the CENE established a rigorous and formal program for team mentoring Canadian entrepreneurs and catalyzing their interactions with key players in the Boston ecosystem.  This ground-breaking initiative represents a high-value in-market support and service to our CTA@Boston clients to accelerate their business growth. Mentors are C-level executives, successful serial entrepreneurs, and venture capital or angel investors.  As of today, 70 CMS mentors have team mentored over 40 CTA@Boston companies with an in-kind consulting service valued at $20 million.

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